About me

I paint since I can remember. I started with the graffiti. When I lived in Jastrzębie Zdrój, 14 years ago, first machine fell into my hands and stayed in it until today. I made first tattoo on me, next was my brother and friends. Although the quality of my work was not comparable to what I’m doing now, there was many willing to have a tattoo.
In that time tattoo as an art was making his first steps in Poland. Very quickly I invested in professional equipment, knowing that tattooing was something I want to do.
I opened my own studio in 2008 in Świerklany Dolne. My work is a pleasure for me. It doesn’t matter in what style tattoo is supposed to be made, black- white or colorful- in every I feel good. I’m approaching every project individually, which must satisfy my client and me.
Make an appointment and convince on your own skin.


» Performing individual project of costumers

» Correcting worse made or an old tattoo

» Rich collection of ready designs

» I advise how to take care during healing after tattoo


A very important element of work in a tattoo studio is hygiene, which guarantees safety of the treatment. My studio from the beginning puts hygiene in first place.

I’m working only on the disposable equipment. I use disposable sterile packaged needles, beaks, sterile gloves and rubber grips. I think that preserving the work place hygiene is guaranteeing the health safety of my customers.